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Bubble Tapping is a free exciting and action packed game created by BuzzBangla.

The game's main objective is to stop the bubbles from reaching the top of the screen by popping them whilst avoiding death bubbles and other obstacles. The gameplay evolves with the introduction of powerups that range from slowing the flow of bubbles to a bee that flies around the screen popping bubbles for you whilst avoiding the death bubbles as well as extra lives to keep the game going longer.

There is also an element of strategy with the way obstacles and bonuses work. For example at the start of the round a butterfly will hover near the top of the screen, If the player allows the bubbles to get past a certain point of the screen they will be likely to hit the butterfly losing a lot of points. With the use of powerups however you can remove the major risk of this by clustering the bubbles in the middle with the magnet powerup or using the snail to slow the speed of the bubbles.

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Save the Snail HD is a physics based puzzle game by AldaGames that was suggested to us by a reader.


The game is free to download and boasts "24 Exciting Levels". The game is made in the Unity engine with a fun hand painted art style that is suitable for all ages and will keep players on their toes with its fast paced tactical gameplay.

The objective of the game is to drop objects from the top of the screen to either form cover or move the snail to safety from obstacles. When all objects are dropped the round will begin and either a sun beam will fly past (Burning the snail as it passes) or rocks will fall from the sky and crush him.

Puzzles can be solved within the game to get a higher score than previous attempts and the player can replay the levels to unlock more stars by completing specific challenges and meeting certain conditions. This amount of replayability combined with the high quality of the game and challenging gameplay makes for a fine addition to the library of any Puzzle or Strategy enthusiast.

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Minion rush is a freemium Temple Run styled game themed around the minions from Despicable Me. The game takes place in themed locations from the films and has minigames unseen in other temple run games. It also features a fun and cute art style that draws heavily from the film with bright colours and engaging atmospheres to draw players in.

Upon loading the game up for the first time a cut scene (which becomes optional after the first play) will load to announce the minion of the week. This is a promotion for the in game costumes available to buy and shows the weekly updates to the players before they begin the game.

The menu is themed around the player’s minion making jokes, falling asleep and making noises whilst occasionally interacting with background characters and objects if the game is left to idle. Various buttons surround the minion to demonstrate the games options. Once again the menu is very colourful, bright and clean whilst still fitting in with the theming and functionality.

Beginning the game for the first time instructs the player on what to do with a playable tutorial. The player controls the minion by swiping left or right to move or up and down to jump or roll to avoid obstacles or pick up items. Once the tutorial has been done the player will be let off the chain and can get a better grip of things as they progress.

The controls are simple yet refined with superb responsiveness. The game will have all ages locked into hours of gaming with concentration and reflexes at an all-time high competing to get the best score and boast to their friends how far they got. The players can progress out of the starting area by defeating the enemy "Vector" in a minigame where they will be taken to the next area to continue running. To defeat vector you have to dodge his large robots while bouncing the small ones back to him using the touch screen, when he is defeated a tunnel will take the player to the next stage.

Although the player can traverse across 3 levels they are very much identical with the only real differences being aesthetics and bonus point locations. They can alter their course by swiping left or right at junctions (Doing nothing will result in a crash and game over) and the theme in each level is demonstrated effectively. For example in the streets level the player can occasionally go into a house where the usual obstacles are replaced with house hold objects and hazards.

The game ends when a player is either defeated by a boss attack during a minigame or if they hit an obstacle while running through the level. Upon defeat the player has the option of continuing for a set amount of tokens or restarting. They will also be briefed on how well they did if they choose to end.

Tokens are given to the player at the start and can be earned in daily challenges as well as for watching adverts on other games or by connecting the players Facebook. Tokens may be purchased as well for cash through the in app purchases. Tokens can be used to buy upgrades or costumes for the player though some upgrades can only be obtained with cash. A new costume is added weekly and is usually featured in the opening cutscene.

The in game pickups can also be used as a currency to get upgrades and defeat challenges. Players may choose to earn the points or can buy them in the same way as they can with Tokens. The pickups can also buy in game items that cause minigames to be triggered when a certain condition is met.

Overall the game is highly entertaining and is suitable for all ages. It offers challenge to all play levels and will keep players occupied for hours as well as honing your reflexes for quick events.

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WreckitralphWreck it Ralph was a game related movie created by Disney that engages both young gamers and old. The new characters from fictional games would interact with some of the biggest stars of modern and retro games on screen and give a new look to the way that arcade games work.

The main game "Fix-it Felix Jr." is a Kong inspired game where the player guides "Felix" along the windows of a tower block repairing the damage that the enemy "Ralph" inflicts upon it. Movie goers looked on in awe as Felix leapt across the screen in traditional pixel art style as he dodges and evades the bricks thrown by Ralph before the occupants of the block throw Ralph into the mud. The main question I asked when I saw the film though, why are these just fictional games and would Disney ever release them?
Well, they were...

Wreck it Ralph starts in "Game Central Station" which functions as the menu, Players have an option of 5 games to choose from that draw inspiration from others. Between games and rounds the player may also be interrupted by the Surge Protector who will remind the player to pick a game and offer helpful tips like synching up their Facebook and trying out the new games that are on offer.

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PlantsvzombiesIn 2009 PopCap Games released a tower defence esque game titled "Plants vs. Zombies" where the player is under relentless assault from an undead horde eager to eat their brains and raid their fridges. The player had to make use of various types of plants to fend off the undead horde, The battles would be fierce, flowers would be trampled, heads would roll but there would always be a strong sense of victory when the nightmare was over and the player could look over their enemies corpses and see that happy sunflower smiling back at them.

In 2013 a long awaited sequel was released on the iStore which boasted better graphics, more plants, better gameplay and to the delight of the fans, a free download. With glee fans around the world clicked onto the download button and with (what I could only imagine) huge grins of excitement growing painfully across their faces loaded it up and prepared to enjoy what they had been waiting so many years for. Was their patience in vain or did they get what they deserved? Let us take a look.

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Asphalt 8: Airborne iPad and iPhone racing game.

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We've been having a bit of a blast with Mobile Bingo over the past couple of weeks. Finally we have multiplayer mobile bingo games on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, iPad, Smartphone, Blackberry, iPod Touch etc.

We've mostly been playing Mobile Bingo on iPhone, iPad and Android. It's a ton of fun. We've been playing mFortune Mobile Bingo. It's winner of the Mobile Bingo Awards on the mobilebingoguide.com, but more importantly they give 5.00 free to try it out. Shweet!

We'll be carrying out our own Mobile Bingo Reviews in the new year.

Check out: mFortune Mobile Bingo.




puntmobile.com have just launched a new 'real money' and 'play for fun' iPhone casino game called Mermaid Millions.

This fun slots game has been optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch, and is played via your iPhone browser so there's nothing to download.

For the 'real money' players... Mermaid Millions is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot game, featuring a generous wild symbol and an exciting Treasure Bonus game. Plus, when 3, 4 or 5 Mermaid scatter symbols appear, the lucky player will win 10 free spins with tripled payouts. The free spins can be retriggered, for even more excitement and winning opportunities.

If you're using you iPhone, visit i.puntmobile.com

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